Of Colour and Pom-Poms

Pom Poms- Derived from French idiomatic word which basically means ball of hair.

It can add a fabulous effect to a dull boring outfit or in my case a dull day. I am sure you all have seen these pom poms way more in past few days than ever before. This is one trend I won’t mind to follow or try once. One because they’re too cute for me to not notice. Second just one of these pom poms adds so much color to entire outfit.

Although I am pretty aware that this fashion is considered as a frivolous trend but who cares? Maybe they don’t know how to use this as an accessory yet and are overdoing it. The magic lies in underplaying it. Keep it chic and stylish. And don’t take anything too seriously, just go for it, I say!

Few of my favorite picks are below. Hope you like them 🙂



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