I strolled through the park, I felt at ease

I looked up at the sky I could feel the cool breeze

The elderly were slow, kids ran fast

Everyone in their own motion, as I walked past


The colour Green made it lively, air felt fresh

Nature was bestowing upon humans best of its best

As I sat on the bench I felt a sense of relief

I nudged my old soul to form new thoughts and belief


Soul was in denial and kept saying definite no

I kept pushing it to give it a go

I saw the carousel there where the kids seemed so excited

They kept falling off it, but the spirits were near sighted


Young souls didn’t see too far

They didn’t know it could  backfire

My old soul pleaded me to try the same too

As the wounds felt like flesh stung repeatedly by barbed wire


I didn’t know a carousel could cause a stir

It made a little clear to me what was all a blur.

To love isn’t to hold it so tight

Love is in letting them go, let them breathe and feel the light


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Summer Staples

So the summers are in full bloom and I am sure everyone is trying best to keep up with the soaring temperatures. Been a few days I posted something about fashion so here goes it. Listing few of my summer staples this season. Hope you like them as much as I do.


Tee shirt dress/Denim dress

When I can’t get myself to wear my favorite jeans with a tee this comes to the rescue. Either of them work well for the hot Indian summers. Check out some cool dresses at this website


I’m sure all of you will agree these are the best things that have been re-introduced in every girl’s wardrobe. They can be worn with dresses or jeans or even trousers. This is a must have for everyone who swears by comfort. Check the awesome collection here

Shortsy Shorts

How else to kill the heat, wear them shorts. Pair them with graphic tees or ganjis. Most comfy and easy to wear outfit for summer. Click here to see the beautiful stuff.

Printed/logo Tee

How to brighten a plain shorts or a skirt, wear a printed or a graphic tee. It adds oodles of oomph and style to a plain and simple outfit.  Check out some fab options at this link

One shoulder/Off shoulder

Hands down this has been the most favorite trends this season. There are some really cool options available online. I have been meaning to try these by myself. To check theaqesome collection here’s the link. Here check them out at: here and here  

Crop tops

So crop tops have made it back to fashion scene after almost two decades. And why not. You got it you flaunt it. Check out some coolest crop tops here.

Flowy Shrugs

And if you don’t want to bare your midriff that much go for the flowy shrug. All the fashionistas have been sporting this since long. Check out here

Maxi Dresses

Well these are every woman’s go to for those who want to look stylish stay comfortable and make the most of the day or evenings. I’ve bought a lot of these too. For a desi look you could try out Akkriti by Pantaloons they have some gorgeous collection. Also Try tiffany & ajio


A tote & a convertible sling

To finish your look go for either a huge tote which I personally vouch for as it keeps all our stuff together and handy or if you are a minimalist go for some funky slings. Lino Perros, Lavie, Indiepicks. Also check the collection at Ninewest which is one of my favorite and ajio.


Hope you like these. Do comment like and follow my blog in case you like reading it. Happy shopping & Happy Summers!!


Distant“>distantvia Daily Prompt: Distant

Far far away in your world
Eyes, Nor warm, neither cold
They are hiding something
Must have been a sharp sting

Warmth becomes indifference
Sharp change in beings
Things end in blink of eyes
Only the memories remain

Sitting so close yet
Hearts feel the space
It’s only growing in size
You cannot control the pace

You were thrilled once to see them
Now it’s nothing but intense hate
You can’t seem to stand them now
Though she still waits for that gaze

You may outgrow the feelings
You may outgrow the love
You may outgrow the moments
Or It could be just a distant blur


Imaginaryvia Daily Prompt: Imaginary


My eyes struggled to open

As I woke up today

The first thought was as usual only yours

I quietly try to gather these feelings


I close my eyes again

Only to form your visuals on my mind

I see you too are looking at me sometimes for me

Such imaginary thoughts seem to satisfy the soul


I thus gathered some strength

To start with the day ahead

I stumbled trying to stand up

Stretched out my hand for you to grasp


I listened to the songs

They once were ours

I even listened to the new ones

They were full of hatred and dark


The gloom that surrounds

Is bound to break the soul

But what is love

Without its miseries and woes


Throughout the days and nights

I feel right next to you

Although it is imaginary but,

I am happy to be with you


via Daily Prompt: Radiate

His smiles radiate at her as soon as he sees her walking towards him

His smile enough to make any human being calm

His cheeks gleaming, eyes bright and beaming full of love

His forehead glowing and chin is shining bright, nose like the roman’s


She wondered how he would have fondness for someone like herself

She only smiled back at him maybe she was thinking out loud

Oh but wait what is going on in his head

Its’ actually the same thing that she was reasoning within herself


He showed her the world one she’d never dreamt of

Her world never seemed so perfect, she couldn’t reason how

As quickly as the time flew by when she was in his embrace

He gave her something which was only written in tales


She told him, when I am with you, I feel I am flying high

He said, no you aren’t too deep into this yet,  maybe you don’t know why

The doubts kept surmounting both the hearts until one of them couldn’t take it more

She wondered why they said there’s a thin line between love and hate, she still was unsure


He never left her wondering for long

Showed equal loads of repulsion that was beyond just strong

Assumptions killed two beautiful souls

Never to be mended never to be sewn


At last only thing she had captured within

The only moments she could take with her

His smiles that keep radiating through it all

Only the smiles that kept that kept radiating through it all



Sometimes you would feel that you’re not moving

Don’t worry, hang in there you’re still changing every second

Sometimes the time feels its not shifting

Trust me you are still different and more than special


At times you’d feel you’re standing still

Trust its meant to be for now and keep standing through it all

You may think yourself similar to what you were yesterday

You do know you are changing you eternally revamp from within


For if you ever feel you’re adrift,

Think of yourself taking a pause just to improve self





via Daily Prompt: Adrift

Summer Essentials!

After a long haul I am back again. Actually had been busy with a few things. But genuinely wanted to write as soon as I could. This post is about my summer essentials. My top picks, have a look.

White tees– The most basic yet the most useful for dreaded summers especially in India. White also being my favorite color, I stick mostly to it throughout the summer. It goes with skirts jeans shorts culottes, in short it goes with everything.

White Jeans– Easy breezy and stylish to the Tee. Team up with colorful polo tees or basic tees. I basically love how it looks. It’s on my wishlist.

Culottes– Culottes are my new favorite. After my sister showed her pair of culottes to me last year and I gave it a try I discovered how comfortable and stylish these are. Great to wear indoors as well as outdoors, Culottes are in trend and keep the heat at bay.

Skirts/shorts/sundress– I am more of a shorts person but I do like to wear skirts and dresses once in a while too. Choose your best, according to what makes you feel good about you.

Flip-flops– colorful or simple whichever you like. I personally like the basic grey or black ones.

Linen clothes– especially the PJs. I loooooooove linen in summers, such a cool and breezy fabric and super light on the skin too.

Sunblock lotion– Must must must have at all the times in all your bags and should be applied at least 3-4 times a day 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. I have been using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun block SPF 50+. This works best on my type of skin. It leaves no oily or patchy feeling behind and is a fine matte finish. It also doesn’t make skin look dark or dull. I have been very satisfied with this overall as it reduces suntan and sun burn to a great extent. Buy here-

Lip balm– My go to beauty item whenever the face need a little lift. I am using Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm – Pink Lolita. Just the perfect tint of color for the day. Neither too bright nor too dull. Okay so it wouldn’t be exaggeration to say that I am addicted to this lip balm for years now. It makes lips look fuller, it has SPF 20, also has mild fragrance, carefully repairs damaged lips and lasts up to 8 hours. Buy here-

Sunglasses– so what’s your pick? Classic aviators or Wayfarers. That could be any of it but make sure it is UV protected so that your eyes get the basic shade and protection they need from harsh summer sunrays.

Water and water based drinks– Water, lemon water, cold water, normal water, tea infused water, detox water. I swear by all kinds of water based coolers especially the ones that are sugar free since unknowingly we consume a lot of sugar in our drinks and ice creams which actually instead of cooling us down increases the body heat. So make sure you watch what you consume. Stay healthy happy and fit!


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via Daily Prompt: Opaque

I was feeling obscure, although the mind was looking for a cure.

Reasons known unknown to my heart,

All the promises were broken right from the start.

I craved for a sense of belongingness,

Wish I knew hearts are capable of creating a mess.

As dark as hell as hot as sun,

No other place no land I crawl I walk I run.

Heart feels heavy head is full of clouds,

Where is all the hope love and how am I going to rise above my doubts.

The world seems opaque right now, I want to rise up see the rays

Want to see a sky lit up with love peace and harmony, Without any signs of greys.


Have you ever climbed on top of a hill or maybe just rock? I have and guess what it made me feel like. It made me feel heavier than I thought I was and it showed me where I stood in front of nature. I was feeling so weak when I started.  At first it was bouts of heavy breathing and self doubt and worry about falling from the rocks, but heck I just had to do it. My hands were hurting my legs were literally shaking and my throat never felt so dry.

What looked like an easy climb was much tougher when I finally got started. But I didn’t want to let go. Who was I doing this for? Myself. Yes. Just for myself.

It was an experience an exhilarating one of course but worth it. And when I reached the finish line post the climbing, the mini me was waiting there to share this little victory and we were smiling at each other to push ourselves enough for the day. It was a beautiful day indeed.

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