My First Youtube Video

Hi guys my name is Ity Sharma, I am from Gurgaon NCR. This channel is dedicated to Fun videos of my day to day life with my furry baby- Buddy who came in my life just when I was about to give up, my antics, my small time acting bug, my buddy boys’ antics and other fun moments I encounter.

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My First Youtube Video

Hi guys my name is Ity Sharma, I am from Gurgaon NCR. This channel is dedicated to- Fun videos of my day to day life with my furry baby- Buddy who came in my life just when I was about to give up , my antics, my small time acting bug, my buddy boys’ antics and other fun moments I encounter. Conclusively this is going to be a joy-ride for all the viewers. Dont Forget to hit- Like, Comment Share and Subscribe to my Youtube Channel 🙂

Jai Sai Ram

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I asked you if you LOVE me too

You didn’t pay any heed

After all it was’nt you but

It was me in your need


Back and forth it kept on going

On your terms

which were’nt defined

as you didn’t want to commit


I kept on taking to everything

To everything you gave

Halves or fulls

Didnt matter as it was your way


For me it was just to see you

Hear you listen to you or feel you

The way I had sown my dreams

It was only my imagination


For you the reason was only one

To be with me

There was her and there was he

You didn’t want any more trouble


It took you 2 years to realize,

Enough for anyone to move on

I waited patiently for your yes

You thought it would be a smooth one

What’s just a Two years

I could’ve waited longer

But I was glad that you were arriving

Slowly but for longer


You kept the reality hidden

For a while till you felt

Joining sites like TINDER

And having me and the other girl too on the side


Going back and forth

Became your choice

Coming and going

Maybe you felt nice


On my birthday I woke up

With a message

I am going back to her

I have to pay for my sins


I was smiling As I cried

I wept when I completely Realized

You will never be ready fr me

You will never wait for me


My dream of being with you

Was a little far fetched

One day when I message a guy

Hell breaks loose


Maybe that’s what you were

Looking for a reason

To break me more

Whatever was left was gone!


Now that you have

Publicly starting shaming me

Thank you for this last time

I am humiliated


Hope it satisfies your ego

To paint me black

In front of your world

To make me look naked in front of your world


Deep down you know those guys don’t hold no place

But guess you just wanted a reason

To shove dirt on my face

Hope it makes you feel better


Guess shouldn’t have told you i love you

shouldn’t have lied to be with you

shouldn’t have cheated my parents to see you

shouldn’t have lied at home and spent days with you


I was lying for you and

you projecting i lied to you 🙂

make me smile and cry

the same time


I would’ve not started this

If I intend to lie hide or cheat

I would’ve not ruined my life and everything

But I should’ve known youll pull me down

Day its over

Guess today’s the day!

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The thought that comes to my mind when I count my blessings

Each day you have given me a new song to sing

But I know I was a part of your deepest heart the day I came into your being

You gave me life you gave me everything


Mother, You may have turned your eyes away first time you saw me

Even as I kept looking at your eyes

I know mamma you were scared

You wanted the best for us through this life


But mama you can’t deny you were already in love with me

The day I kept jumping even as you kept ignoring

You couldn’t keep more distance

You took me in your arms


Mamma you too remember that feeling

We both felt at once

We’ve been inseparable ever since mamma

And I know it will forever remain the same


I want you to know, I stole your makeup and scent

I also want to say, I sneaked into your kitchen

Did a few other mischiefs too

But honestly I do not repent


We’ve had our share of laughs

We’ve shared our moments of cries

We’ve had our differences too mamma

I am amazed how you were always so right

I bet its dearest to me

They are the best moments of my life


I want to make you happy in each n every way

Thank you mamma for giving me so much in life

It’s not late I hope I want to confess

Mamma what you’ve been to me is nothing but Priceless!




via Daily Prompt: Priceless


The vibe felt magnetic

The feeling seemed genetic

It was though uncontrollable

Barely could they stand stable


Life hadn’t given any choice

Love had come without making any noise

Bitter sweet symphonies started to roll

It kept charging like burning coal


Even the bitter ones had a magic of their own

The winds had swept them off full blown

Warm mushy feeling took over everything

That’s the only space where they wanted to be in


Hearts have a magnetic fields to them

That searches its other ends

They sing their own songs

And so easily in each other they blend


via Daily Prompt: Magnetic


Seems Life is a bit to long

Like Lyrics get rhetoric in a song

Sometimes it feels like a loud gong

And at times makes you feel like a ping pong

When she and be were together

Except for their loud heartbeats

Nothing mattered

She often complained to him

I feel dizzy when I sit besides you

He seldom believed her

Didn’t even think for once she was true

She often said it’s only by chance

That life led her to him

It was more than just romance

Life was but a state of trance

When be and she were together

In each other’s arms

One day they will wake up too

To see the eyes that they feel untrue

To shake up make up to feel again

To feel the fullness within instead of this pain

Life is but a state of trance

It doesn’t give a second chance

Feel the music when you are alive

Learn to afraid just go and the dive

Catch yourself as no one else could save you

Learn to walk yourself now no one can teach you

Come out of this state of trance

It was good luck, god gave you this chance.


via Daily Prompt: Trance


I strolled through the park, I felt at ease

I looked up at the sky I could feel the cool breeze

The elderly were slow, kids ran fast

Everyone in their own motion, as I walked past


The colour Green made it lively, air felt fresh

Nature was bestowing upon humans best of its best

As I sat on the bench I felt a sense of relief

I nudged my old soul to form new thoughts and belief


Soul was in denial and kept saying definite no

I kept pushing it to give it a go

I saw the carousel there where the kids seemed so excited

They kept falling off it, but the spirits were near sighted


Young souls didn’t see too far

They didn’t know it could  backfire

My old soul pleaded me to try the same too

As the wounds felt like flesh stung repeatedly by barbed wire


I didn’t know a carousel could cause a stir

It made a little clear to me what was all a blur.

To love isn’t to hold it so tight

Love is in letting them go, let them breathe and feel the light


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via Daily Prompt: Carousel

Summer Staples

So the summers are in full bloom and I am sure everyone is trying best to keep up with the soaring temperatures. Been a few days I posted something about fashion so here goes it. Listing few of my summer staples this season. Hope you like them as much as I do.


Tee shirt dress/Denim dress

When I can’t get myself to wear my favorite jeans with a tee this comes to the rescue. Either of them work well for the hot Indian summers. Check out some cool dresses at this website


I’m sure all of you will agree these are the best things that have been re-introduced in every girl’s wardrobe. They can be worn with dresses or jeans or even trousers. This is a must have for everyone who swears by comfort. Check the awesome collection here

Shortsy Shorts

How else to kill the heat, wear them shorts. Pair them with graphic tees or ganjis. Most comfy and easy to wear outfit for summer. Click here to see the beautiful stuff.

Printed/logo Tee

How to brighten a plain shorts or a skirt, wear a printed or a graphic tee. It adds oodles of oomph and style to a plain and simple outfit.  Check out some fab options at this link

One shoulder/Off shoulder

Hands down this has been the most favorite trends this season. There are some really cool options available online. I have been meaning to try these by myself. To check theaqesome collection here’s the link. Here check them out at: here and here  

Crop tops

So crop tops have made it back to fashion scene after almost two decades. And why not. You got it you flaunt it. Check out some coolest crop tops here.

Flowy Shrugs

And if you don’t want to bare your midriff that much go for the flowy shrug. All the fashionistas have been sporting this since long. Check out here

Maxi Dresses

Well these are every woman’s go to for those who want to look stylish stay comfortable and make the most of the day or evenings. I’ve bought a lot of these too. For a desi look you could try out Akkriti by Pantaloons they have some gorgeous collection. Also Try tiffany & ajio


A tote & a convertible sling

To finish your look go for either a huge tote which I personally vouch for as it keeps all our stuff together and handy or if you are a minimalist go for some funky slings. Lino Perros, Lavie, Indiepicks. Also check the collection at Ninewest which is one of my favorite and ajio.


Hope you like these. Do comment like and follow my blog in case you like reading it. Happy shopping & Happy Summers!!


Distant“>distantvia Daily Prompt: Distant

Far far away in your world
Eyes, Nor warm, neither cold
They are hiding something
Must have been a sharp sting

Warmth becomes indifference
Sharp change in beings
Things end in blink of eyes
Only the memories remain

Sitting so close yet
Hearts feel the space
It’s only growing in size
You cannot control the pace

You were thrilled once to see them
Now it’s nothing but intense hate
You can’t seem to stand them now
Though she still waits for that gaze

You may outgrow the feelings
You may outgrow the love
You may outgrow the moments
Or It could be just a distant blur