Must Watch It!

By the above, I did not intend to ask you to watch some new series or movie or anything like that. I intended to post about my love for a timeless accessory that’s a Watch.

Watches are have been there since the 17th century in the history. And I cannot begin to describe how they have evolved with us with technology with trends, our demographics, our traditions or cultures and ultimately adding on so much to a personality. It makes a huge difference to a simple outfit. For me watches contribute to my confidence and style. No matter what phone, what wristband or what technology comes through, my love for watches is an undying one.

It adds so much to bare wrists in summers and so much weight in winters when just the little extra bling is required. I always feel just one piece of right accessory can add volumes to a simple outfit or a plain look and with a nice watch one can never ever go wrong. It surely adds to mine on a dull boring day and especially if I am feeling the blues. I make sure to wear my favorite watch and keep sharing glances with it until it makes me smile at my own self. And for the men’s collection I cannot even begin to start I wish I could carry all those bulky sized awfully amazing sports watches. I think I have a thing for them.

I am posting a few of my favorite ones hope you’ll like them. Please like, follow and share if you like reading the blog.


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