Women’s day Special


A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself. – Loretta Young

So the women’s day is here and I am sure like me most of you ladies are super excited about it. So this women’s day I am going to treat myself in a different way. I am going to enroll myself in a yoga class. And I am planning on joining a group who could impart education to fellow women. I already feel so excited about it. I have been speaking to a few groups and hoping for the best to hear from them in affirmative.

Having said that, much to do with being a woman is still misunderstood and misconstrued by the perception of what our society wants us to be. Is being feminine or being a tomboy is what differentiates us? Or is it being more docile and humble that is us? Is it just playing football at the stadium that I feel more powerful at or it’s me at home cooking for my family that’s more womanly for me? And who decides that? I guess its me who decides this for myself and no one else. I should feel happy in my own skin and what gives me happiness from within.

Well, I think it’s about being what I want to be and how I want to be. If I am caring I am a good human, I am empathetic and I do good for my society or for the world I live in, if I speak to others with respect and treat my loved ones with warmth or if I make my friends better, and my kids safer. I guess it changes every minute and it totally depends on what role I’m playing and how. To me it’s not about being a man or a woman it’s about being a human being with a heart full of love and hands to share and a mind full of positivism is what makes me feel more of my womanhood.

And let’s all agree or even if we don’t agree, we woman, we haven’t changed much over the years we know who we are and what we are. Of course we became more open and more thoughtful towards our own rights as a human and hence we started exercising them. Even if as little as a woman speaking her mind at a family gathering which was considered a big no no earlier since women were supposed to be coy at all times no matter what age or experience they attained.

And I feel tremendously lucky to have taken birth to live in these times where I can voice my thoughts and my opinions and not be judged by others. Or even if judged I couldn’t care two hoots about it. I am blessed to be raised in a family where no one would tell me not to laugh loudly or to keep quiet at gatherings or to wear what is right I was given equal rights to choose my own path. Not because I wasn’t the best child or I was born with some special powers I too had my share of arguments and disagreements and I was told what was right for me not what was right by the society.

Now is the time when we share roles and responsibilities at home and work equally. It doesn’t matter who cooks or does the dishes as long as the work is made fun and divided equally.

We should be thankful for the opportunities afforded to us as women today. No matter what generation we live in, God’s goodness, mercy, and truth make it a blessing to be just a “plain old” girl.

Adding a few pieces of junk and silver jewelry I’ve collected. And, oh yeah, Planning to splurge on some silver jewelery this woman’s day. These are few I have shortlisted. Let me know how you like them. Can’t wait 🙂


Wishing all you beautiful women out there A very Happy Woman’s Day. Stay strong Stay Beautiful and stay just the way you are. You’re Perfect!

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