The vibe felt magnetic

The feeling seemed genetic

It was though uncontrollable

Barely could they stand stable


Life hadn’t given any choice

Love had come without making any noise

Bitter sweet symphonies started to roll

It kept charging like burning coal


Even the bitter ones had a magic of their own

The winds had swept them off full blown

Warm mushy feeling took over everything

That’s the only space where they wanted to be in


Hearts have a magnetic fields to them

That searches its other ends

They sing their own songs

And so easily in each other they blend


via Daily Prompt: Magnetic


3 thoughts on “Magnetic

  1. Christine Goodnough says:

    Swam over from the Community Pool to say Hi. I’ve left a comment there for you, and for other bloggers wanting a little help and advice.

    Are you happy with this white on light grey color scheme? You can go into your Customizer, click the Colors and Background tab and try out new border colors for your blog. Nothing changes until you hit the “Save and Publish” button in the top left hand corner, so you can mess around to your heart’s content.

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