Seems Life is a bit to long

Like Lyrics get rhetoric in a song

Sometimes it feels like a loud gong

And at times makes you feel like a ping pong

When she and be were together

Except for their loud heartbeats

Nothing mattered

She often complained to him

I feel dizzy when I sit besides you

He seldom believed her

Didn’t even think for once she was true

She often said it’s only by chance

That life led her to him

It was more than just romance

Life was but a state of trance

When be and she were together

In each other’s arms

One day they will wake up too

To see the eyes that they feel untrue

To shake up make up to feel again

To feel the fullness within instead of this pain

Life is but a state of trance

It doesn’t give a second chance

Feel the music when you are alive

Learn to afraid just go and the dive

Catch yourself as no one else could save you

Learn to walk yourself now no one can teach you

Come out of this state of trance

It was good luck, god gave you this chance.


via Daily Prompt: Trance


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