The thought that comes to my mind when I count my blessings

Each day you have given me a new song to sing

But I know I was a part of your deepest heart the day I came into your being

You gave me life you gave me everything


Mother, You may have turned your eyes away first time you saw me

Even as I kept looking at your eyes

I know mamma you were scared

You wanted the best for us through this life


But mama you can’t deny you were already in love with me

The day I kept jumping even as you kept ignoring

You couldn’t keep more distance

You took me in your arms


Mamma you too remember that feeling

We both felt at once

We’ve been inseparable ever since mamma

And I know it will forever remain the same


I want you to know, I stole your makeup and scent

I also want to say, I sneaked into your kitchen

Did a few other mischiefs too

But honestly I do not repent


We’ve had our share of laughs

We’ve shared our moments of cries

We’ve had our differences too mamma

I am amazed how you were always so right

I bet its dearest to me

They are the best moments of my life


I want to make you happy in each n every way

Thank you mamma for giving me so much in life

It’s not late I hope I want to confess

Mamma what you’ve been to me is nothing but Priceless!




via Daily Prompt: Priceless


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