Ways to Start!

I would start to write about make up, fashion and life in general starting today. So it took me almost 9 years to re-kindle my love for writing. Since I had no clear focus I lacked motivation and drive to start things which I have always wanted to it thus took me this long to start this. However this year I want to give full attention to what my heart tells me to do. One of those things are make-up & life. Though I am not much of a make-up expert but its a domain I have been inclined to since my younger days. I used to watch Television Shows wherein Shahnaz Hussain would churn out beauty tips and DIYs on the go for all of us.

I grew up watching MTV Style Check where I would miss even one episode. I like o keep myself updated with the trends and fashion. I love to read about Faux Pas and would certainly be a tad bit more self conscious before trying out something that would turn out disastrous. People would think my way of dressing was a bit too on the safer side and I couldn’t agree more.

I was in love with pastels throughout. My idea is to be subtle not overpowering. To remain in touch with your own self. However growing up my favorites used to be Red & Orange. Those who know me now wouldn’t even believe the choice of colors I once had 🙂

Here are few pictures that I liked from the web. Hope you like them too.

Do comment if you like my blog. I would love to hear from you.



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