A Girl’s First Love!

‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.’ – Marilyn Monroe

When I have to buy a pair of shoes the only thing I observe in someone’s attire are what shoes they are wearing and then imagining how’d they look on me?

Has it ever happened with you?

When I have to buy a pair of classic black pumps the only thing my eye wants to see on the windows of the shops at the mall is that one pair of black pumps that would give me the sense of satisfaction I am looking for. And, dear god, how do I tell you the feeling of finally finding that ‘right’ pair. The one that lifts my heals, straightens my back and gives me the confidence and increases the sense of fulfillment each time I see myself wearing them.

I can’t get enough of myself the day I start to wear them. I want everyone to at least notice and acknowledge them. I remember a colleague once mentioned to me why are you twirling your toe so much is that a new shoe you’re wearing today? Your feet definitely look happy in them. And I just smiled.

I don’t care if they are bought from a flea market or a high end store. I should feel good about it and that’s all that matters. It could be a kolhapuri chappal or a Steve Madden my heart skips a beat each time I let my feet into them.

Here sharing a few of my favorite looks.


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