Summer Essentials!

After a long haul I am back again. Actually had been busy with a few things. But genuinely wanted to write as soon as I could. This post is about my summer essentials. My top picks, have a look.

White tees– The most basic yet the most useful for dreaded summers especially in India. White also being my favorite color, I stick mostly to it throughout the summer. It goes with skirts jeans shorts culottes, in short it goes with everything.

White Jeans– Easy breezy and stylish to the Tee. Team up with colorful polo tees or basic tees. I basically love how it looks. It’s on my wishlist.

Culottes– Culottes are my new favorite. After my sister showed her pair of culottes to me last year and I gave it a try I discovered how comfortable and stylish these are. Great to wear indoors as well as outdoors, Culottes are in trend and keep the heat at bay.

Skirts/shorts/sundress– I am more of a shorts person but I do like to wear skirts and dresses once in a while too. Choose your best, according to what makes you feel good about you.

Flip-flops– colorful or simple whichever you like. I personally like the basic grey or black ones.

Linen clothes– especially the PJs. I loooooooove linen in summers, such a cool and breezy fabric and super light on the skin too.

Sunblock lotion– Must must must have at all the times in all your bags and should be applied at least 3-4 times a day 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. I have been using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun block SPF 50+. This works best on my type of skin. It leaves no oily or patchy feeling behind and is a fine matte finish. It also doesn’t make skin look dark or dull. I have been very satisfied with this overall as it reduces suntan and sun burn to a great extent. Buy here-

Lip balm– My go to beauty item whenever the face need a little lift. I am using Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm – Pink Lolita. Just the perfect tint of color for the day. Neither too bright nor too dull. Okay so it wouldn’t be exaggeration to say that I am addicted to this lip balm for years now. It makes lips look fuller, it has SPF 20, also has mild fragrance, carefully repairs damaged lips and lasts up to 8 hours. Buy here-

Sunglasses– so what’s your pick? Classic aviators or Wayfarers. That could be any of it but make sure it is UV protected so that your eyes get the basic shade and protection they need from harsh summer sunrays.

Water and water based drinks– Water, lemon water, cold water, normal water, tea infused water, detox water. I swear by all kinds of water based coolers especially the ones that are sugar free since unknowingly we consume a lot of sugar in our drinks and ice creams which actually instead of cooling us down increases the body heat. So make sure you watch what you consume. Stay healthy happy and fit!


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via Daily Prompt: Opaque

I was feeling obscure, although the mind was looking for a cure.

Reasons known unknown to my heart,

All the promises were broken right from the start.

I craved for a sense of belongingness,

Wish I knew hearts are capable of creating a mess.

As dark as hell as hot as sun,

No other place no land I crawl I walk I run.

Heart feels heavy head is full of clouds,

Where is all the hope love and how am I going to rise above my doubts.

The world seems opaque right now, I want to rise up see the rays

Want to see a sky lit up with love peace and harmony, Without any signs of greys.


Have you ever climbed on top of a hill or maybe just rock? I have and guess what it made me feel like. It made me feel heavier than I thought I was and it showed me where I stood in front of nature. I was feeling so weak when I started.  At first it was bouts of heavy breathing and self doubt and worry about falling from the rocks, but heck I just had to do it. My hands were hurting my legs were literally shaking and my throat never felt so dry.

What looked like an easy climb was much tougher when I finally got started. But I didn’t want to let go. Who was I doing this for? Myself. Yes. Just for myself.

It was an experience an exhilarating one of course but worth it. And when I reached the finish line post the climbing, the mini me was waiting there to share this little victory and we were smiling at each other to push ourselves enough for the day. It was a beautiful day indeed.

via Daily Prompt: Climbing

Take a walk!

These are the days when I feel like a potato. Too lazy to wake up too lazy to stand up and too lazy to start the day. Summers have got to me somehow earlier than I was expecting. However a simple thought or idea can change my mood. Last evening it was a quick stroll to the park. These days its all the more better to go to the park since the kids have started playing different sports at evenings. Badminton, throw ball, cricket, handball etc.

It gives a different kind of high to watch all of the vibrancy and frolic around me. I usually stay indoors through the day but evenings I make a point to drag myself out and take a short or a long walk. Just walk somehow, it helps. I see the elderly people taking walks stopping in between for a break or a chit chat with the fellow walker. I used to feel amused because I am not much of a talker but somehow I started enjoying looking at them too.

Then there is this group of girls who walk walk walk and talk talk talk. They never cease to amaze me. Firstly because all of them dress up so nicely and tidely and secondly because they are an inspiration to me. They smile they laugh wholeheartedly and even have serious discussions in between.

Then there are the loners who won’t talk but keep staring. I smile at them too even when they wont smile back. Going there fills me up with a positive vibe somehow.

I didn’t have anything to share about trends this time so see you guys next week. Till then. Keep walking 🙂

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WOW. Just wow. I’ve managed to receive a 100 likes on my blog today.

That means so much to me. What else can I say I am so excited to receive so much in abundance from you all my fellow bloggers. Thanks to all of you for motivating it means so much to me. I feel like a part of this family. Thank you for all your support.


Mix and Match it!


So, being a super confused person myself I can barely ever pre-decide what to wear on any occasion. I cannot even decide what to wear on a normal day to work or a day at shopping or to the local coffee shop. Maybe I am most comfortable in my PJs. Best I could churn up is a Slogan Tee with my basic blue jeans. Yes that’s me.

However on occasions that demand us to be dressed up I have to whack my mind into thinking mode and produce certain outfit ideas to suit the situation the place the occasion keeping in my biggest peeve which is comfort. If comfort goes out of the line then everything for me is a waste no matter how amazing the outfit looks.

So let’s list a few mix and match techniques. Very basic ones.

  1. Print on Print- Checks on checks, checks on stripes, floral on floral etc etc. You gotta have a lot of confidence within to carry such bold stuff. I personally have been able to try this only once when I wore my blue floral skirt with a pink floral top and it came out looking not so bad.
  2. Color- Red with a pop of nude or yellow with bright red or a pop of orange on a white background.
  3. Fabric- Cotton with georgette dupattas or georgette suits with a heavy duty velvet dupatta works wonders. I like georgette, like really like it.
  4. Fusion – Indo westerns or say jeans with a kurti or I love a kurti turned into a dress. I personally am not fond of indo western lehengas turned ghastly gowns but yes they are pretty in demand these days.

Posting a few pics I liked over the recent days. Hope you like them.


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Must Watch It!

By the above, I did not intend to ask you to watch some new series or movie or anything like that. I intended to post about my love for a timeless accessory that’s a Watch.

Watches are have been there since the 17th century in the history. And I cannot begin to describe how they have evolved with us with technology with trends, our demographics, our traditions or cultures and ultimately adding on so much to a personality. It makes a huge difference to a simple outfit. For me watches contribute to my confidence and style. No matter what phone, what wristband or what technology comes through, my love for watches is an undying one.

It adds so much to bare wrists in summers and so much weight in winters when just the little extra bling is required. I always feel just one piece of right accessory can add volumes to a simple outfit or a plain look and with a nice watch one can never ever go wrong. It surely adds to mine on a dull boring day and especially if I am feeling the blues. I make sure to wear my favorite watch and keep sharing glances with it until it makes me smile at my own self. And for the men’s collection I cannot even begin to start I wish I could carry all those bulky sized awfully amazing sports watches. I think I have a thing for them.

I am posting a few of my favorite ones hope you’ll like them. Please like, follow and share if you like reading the blog.

Of Colour and Pom-Poms

Pom Poms- Derived from French idiomatic word which basically means ball of hair.

It can add a fabulous effect to a dull boring outfit or in my case a dull day. I am sure you all have seen these pom poms way more in past few days than ever before. This is one trend I won’t mind to follow or try once. One because they’re too cute for me to not notice. Second just one of these pom poms adds so much color to entire outfit.

Although I am pretty aware that this fashion is considered as a frivolous trend but who cares? Maybe they don’t know how to use this as an accessory yet and are overdoing it. The magic lies in underplaying it. Keep it chic and stylish. And don’t take anything too seriously, just go for it, I say!

Few of my favorite picks are below. Hope you like them 🙂


Women’s day Special


A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself. – Loretta Young

So the women’s day is here and I am sure like me most of you ladies are super excited about it. So this women’s day I am going to treat myself in a different way. I am going to enroll myself in a yoga class. And I am planning on joining a group who could impart education to fellow women. I already feel so excited about it. I have been speaking to a few groups and hoping for the best to hear from them in affirmative.

Having said that, much to do with being a woman is still misunderstood and misconstrued by the perception of what our society wants us to be. Is being feminine or being a tomboy is what differentiates us? Or is it being more docile and humble that is us? Is it just playing football at the stadium that I feel more powerful at or it’s me at home cooking for my family that’s more womanly for me? And who decides that? I guess its me who decides this for myself and no one else. I should feel happy in my own skin and what gives me happiness from within.

Well, I think it’s about being what I want to be and how I want to be. If I am caring I am a good human, I am empathetic and I do good for my society or for the world I live in, if I speak to others with respect and treat my loved ones with warmth or if I make my friends better, and my kids safer. I guess it changes every minute and it totally depends on what role I’m playing and how. To me it’s not about being a man or a woman it’s about being a human being with a heart full of love and hands to share and a mind full of positivism is what makes me feel more of my womanhood.

And let’s all agree or even if we don’t agree, we woman, we haven’t changed much over the years we know who we are and what we are. Of course we became more open and more thoughtful towards our own rights as a human and hence we started exercising them. Even if as little as a woman speaking her mind at a family gathering which was considered a big no no earlier since women were supposed to be coy at all times no matter what age or experience they attained.

And I feel tremendously lucky to have taken birth to live in these times where I can voice my thoughts and my opinions and not be judged by others. Or even if judged I couldn’t care two hoots about it. I am blessed to be raised in a family where no one would tell me not to laugh loudly or to keep quiet at gatherings or to wear what is right I was given equal rights to choose my own path. Not because I wasn’t the best child or I was born with some special powers I too had my share of arguments and disagreements and I was told what was right for me not what was right by the society.

Now is the time when we share roles and responsibilities at home and work equally. It doesn’t matter who cooks or does the dishes as long as the work is made fun and divided equally.

We should be thankful for the opportunities afforded to us as women today. No matter what generation we live in, God’s goodness, mercy, and truth make it a blessing to be just a “plain old” girl.

Adding a few pieces of junk and silver jewelry I’ve collected. And, oh yeah, Planning to splurge on some silver jewelery this woman’s day. These are few I have shortlisted. Let me know how you like them. Can’t wait 🙂


Wishing all you beautiful women out there A very Happy Woman’s Day. Stay strong Stay Beautiful and stay just the way you are. You’re Perfect!

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Too Many, eh?

Sometimes I can’t make up my mind. Okay well most of the times I can’t make up my mind. I don’t deliberately do this, it’s an inbuilt dysfunction.

I do have a sane side of my mind that keeps telling me I have enough but the devil never agrees and never listens. I wonder why and I am going to put down reasons that my sane side gave me this week. Why do I have so many clothes and shoes and bags and the list goes on and on and on.

Okay so here goes-

  1. I love to shop

Yes I do, who doesn’t anyway? I love to go and check out the newbies the freebies and in case I am on a crunch I go to check out those beautifully laid windows at the mall. I enjoy assuming the new top would go extremely well with my old skirt which I haven’t worn in years or the new slip ons would look so nice with my sundress. No one can stop a woman from buying the shoes that make her heart skip a beat like love at first sight.

  1. Well I may need it later

So this happens mostly when there’s a sale or an offer going on I buy things out of impulse worrying what if I need it later and its all sold out. Let buy it before anyone else does!

  1. Too many gifts

So my sister and my mother have a thing for shopping too and they buy so many things they deem fit for me even if it’s not what I wear or prefer. I can’t say no to them can I?

  1. Money matters

So I bought my most expensive jeans because they had Swarovski crystals at the back and I couldn’t say no to it. Although I haven’t worn it even once. It’s been lying in my closet for 6 years. Heh!

  1. Weighty issues

Yes I dropped a few kilos few years back and so all the previous items became useless and I didn’t actually want to get them fitted to my current size. Too much of a work isn’t it?

  1. Past never leaves me

I have a few items that I attach my memories to. My growing up years. My oldest jeans or the Tee my dad brought me from his first Euro Trip. Can never ever say good bye to them. Nope!

  1. Classics

Like the oldest denim or the perfect white shirt or the LBD or the boots. Nope. Never.

  1. Looking for a perfect piece.

It was black ballerinas earlier and now its black trousers. I have lost the count of how many I have and will continue to have in future.

I realize there’s an issue when dressing up began to get a bit stressful for me. Choosing what to wear began giving me pain instead of joy.

Do you also see something similar in your choices? Do comment if it is so. Hope you liked reading this post.