I asked you if you LOVE me too

You didn’t pay any heed

After all it was’nt you but

It was me in your need


Back and forth it kept on going

On your terms

which were’nt defined

as you didn’t want to commit


I kept on taking to everything

To everything you gave

Halves or fulls

Didnt matter as it was your way


For me it was just to see you

Hear you listen to you or feel you

The way I had sown my dreams

It was only my imagination


For you the reason was only one

To be with me

There was her and there was he

You didn’t want any more trouble


It took you 2 years to realize,

Enough for anyone to move on

I waited patiently for your yes

You thought it would be a smooth one

What’s just a Two years

I could’ve waited longer

But I was glad that you were arriving

Slowly but for longer


You kept the reality hidden

For a while till you felt

Joining sites like TINDER

And having me and the other girl too on the side


Going back and forth

Became your choice

Coming and going

Maybe you felt nice


On my birthday I woke up

With a message

I am going back to her

I have to pay for my sins


I was smiling As I cried

I wept when I completely Realized

You will never be ready fr me

You will never wait for me


My dream of being with you

Was a little far fetched

One day when I message a guy

Hell breaks loose


Maybe that’s what you were

Looking for a reason

To break me more

Whatever was left was gone!


Now that you have

Publicly starting shaming me

Thank you for this last time

I am humiliated


Hope it satisfies your ego

To paint me black

In front of your world

To make me look naked in front of your world


Deep down you know those guys don’t hold no place

But guess you just wanted a reason

To shove dirt on my face

Hope it makes you feel better


Guess shouldn’t have told you i love you

shouldn’t have lied to be with you

shouldn’t have cheated my parents to see you

shouldn’t have lied at home and spent days with you


I was lying for you and

you projecting i lied to you 🙂

make me smile and cry

the same time


I would’ve not started this

If I intend to lie hide or cheat

I would’ve not ruined my life and everything

But I should’ve known youll pull me down

Day its over

Guess today’s the day!

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Thank You for publicly Flogging me!



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