via Daily Prompt: Radiate

His smiles radiate at her as soon as he sees her walking towards him

His smile enough to make any human being calm

His cheeks gleaming, eyes bright and beaming full of love

His forehead glowing and chin is shining bright, nose like the roman’s


She wondered how he would have fondness for someone like herself

She only smiled back at him maybe she was thinking out loud

Oh but wait what is going on in his head

Its’ actually the same thing that she was reasoning within herself


He showed her the world one she’d never dreamt of

Her world never seemed so perfect, she couldn’t reason how

As quickly as the time flew by when she was in his embrace

He gave her something which was only written in tales


She told him, when I am with you, I feel I am flying high

He said, no you aren’t too deep into this yet,  maybe you don’t know why

The doubts kept surmounting both the hearts until one of them couldn’t take it more

She wondered why they said there’s a thin line between love and hate, she still was unsure


He never left her wondering for long

Showed equal loads of repulsion that was beyond just strong

Assumptions killed two beautiful souls

Never to be mended never to be sewn


At last only thing she had captured within

The only moments she could take with her

His smiles that keep radiating through it all

Only the smiles that kept that kept radiating through it all



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