Have you ever climbed on top of a hill or maybe just rock? I have and guess what it made me feel like. It made me feel heavier than I thought I was and it showed me where I stood in front of nature. I was feeling so weak when I started.  At first it was bouts of heavy breathing and self doubt and worry about falling from the rocks, but heck I just had to do it. My hands were hurting my legs were literally shaking and my throat never felt so dry.

What looked like an easy climb was much tougher when I finally got started. But I didn’t want to let go. Who was I doing this for? Myself. Yes. Just for myself.

It was an experience an exhilarating one of course but worth it. And when I reached the finish line post the climbing, the mini me was waiting there to share this little victory and we were smiling at each other to push ourselves enough for the day. It was a beautiful day indeed.

via Daily Prompt: Climbing


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