Take a walk!

These are the days when I feel like a potato. Too lazy to wake up too lazy to stand up and too lazy to start the day. Summers have got to me somehow earlier than I was expecting. However a simple thought or idea can change my mood. Last evening it was a quick stroll to the park. These days its all the more better to go to the park since the kids have started playing different sports at evenings. Badminton, throw ball, cricket, handball etc.

It gives a different kind of high to watch all of the vibrancy and frolic around me. I usually stay indoors through the day but evenings I make a point to drag myself out and take a short or a long walk. Just walk somehow, it helps. I see the elderly people taking walks stopping in between for a break or a chit chat with the fellow walker. I used to feel amused because I am not much of a talker but somehow I started enjoying looking at them too.

Then there is this group of girls who walk walk walk and talk talk talk. They never cease to amaze me. Firstly because all of them dress up so nicely and tidely and secondly because they are an inspiration to me. They smile they laugh wholeheartedly and even have serious discussions in between.

Then there are the loners who won’t talk but keep staring. I smile at them too even when they wont smile back. Going there fills me up with a positive vibe somehow.

I didn’t have anything to share about trends this time so see you guys next week. Till then. Keep walking 🙂

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