Mix and Match it!


So, being a super confused person myself I can barely ever pre-decide what to wear on any occasion. I cannot even decide what to wear on a normal day to work or a day at shopping or to the local coffee shop. Maybe I am most comfortable in my PJs. Best I could churn up is a Slogan Tee with my basic blue jeans. Yes that’s me.

However on occasions that demand us to be dressed up I have to whack my mind into thinking mode and produce certain outfit ideas to suit the situation the place the occasion keeping in my biggest peeve which is comfort. If comfort goes out of the line then everything for me is a waste no matter how amazing the outfit looks.

So let’s list a few mix and match techniques. Very basic ones.

  1. Print on Print- Checks on checks, checks on stripes, floral on floral etc etc. You gotta have a lot of confidence within to carry such bold stuff. I personally have been able to try this only once when I wore my blue floral skirt with a pink floral top and it came out looking not so bad.
  2. Color- Red with a pop of nude or yellow with bright red or a pop of orange on a white background.
  3. Fabric- Cotton with georgette dupattas or georgette suits with a heavy duty velvet dupatta works wonders. I like georgette, like really like it.
  4. Fusion – Indo westerns or say jeans with a kurti or I love a kurti turned into a dress. I personally am not fond of indo western lehengas turned ghastly gowns but yes they are pretty in demand these days.

Posting a few pics I liked over the recent days. Hope you like them.


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