Too Many, eh?

Sometimes I can’t make up my mind. Okay well most of the times I can’t make up my mind. I don’t deliberately do this, it’s an inbuilt dysfunction.

I do have a sane side of my mind that keeps telling me I have enough but the devil never agrees and never listens. I wonder why and I am going to put down reasons that my sane side gave me this week. Why do I have so many clothes and shoes and bags and the list goes on and on and on.

Okay so here goes-

  1. I love to shop

Yes I do, who doesn’t anyway? I love to go and check out the newbies the freebies and in case I am on a crunch I go to check out those beautifully decorated lit-up windows at the stores. I encounter a sense of enjoyment in the assumption of this new top that would go extremely well with my 5 year old skirt which I haven’t worn since I bought it or the new slip-ons that may, just may, look oh-so-nice with my sundress. No one can stop a woman from buying the shoes that make her heart skip a beat like when she met the love of her life for the first time.

  1. Well I may need it later

So this happens mostly when there are sale or offers or freebies going on and I buy things out of impulse worrying what if when I need it the most its completely sold out. Let me buy it before anyone else does!

  1. Too many gifts

So my sister and my mother have an eye for shopping and they buy so many things that they deem fit for me even if it’s not what I wear or prefer. I can’t say no to them now, can I?

  1. Money matters

So I bought my most expensive jeans because they had Swarovski crystals at the back and I couldn’t not buy it once after i Tried it the swarovski made me feel a little better I would say. or may be a lot!! Although I haven’t worn it even once. It’s been lying in my closet since 8 years now. Heh!

  1. Weighty issues

Yes I dropped a few kilos few years back and so all the previous items became almost useless, unless i chose to give them away to my sister or my niece or anyone. But since my clothes are very dear t me I donot share them with anyone except if they’re realllllllllly close to me. Plus I didn’t actually want to get them fitted to my current size, this gave ame a better chance of hitting the mall again . Too much of a work getting alterations and no fun, isn’t it?

  1. Past never leaves me

I have a few items that I attach my memories to. My growing up years. My oldest jeans or the Tee my dad brought me from his first out of India Trip. Can never ever say good bye to them. Nope! Never!

  1. Classics

Like the oldest denim or the perfect white shirt or the LBD or the boots. Nope. Never.

  1. Looking for a perfect piece.

It was black ballerinas earlier and now its black trousers. I have lost the count of how many I have and will continue to have in future.

I realize there’s an issue when dressing up began to get a bit stressful for me. Choosing what to wear began giving me pain instead of joy.

Do you also see something similar in your choices? Do comment if it is so.


Hope you liked reading this post.


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