I Miss You- Winter!

The winter season is culminating in all its glory, its saying warmest goodbyes to me with so much still to offer.

It’s the only season that has the most nostalgic weather I suffer from innate nostalgia throughout this season. From the onset that starts from a slightest nip in the air to the chills that run down the spine. It’s the season where I enjoy my favorite activities. Walking down the lane, taking dance lessons, making a point to exercise daily, eating my favorite food( fried, without feeling slightest guilt or worrying about a bulging stomach), wearing all my favorite clothes, listening to the silence in nature, chirping of the birds, looking at dogs in my street sleeping almost throughout the day lazily, coffee, coffee and more coffee.

Doesn’t this weather make everyone look so beautiful without even the slightest attempt. The hats the jackets the colorful pullovers and cardigans. The funk that those socks add to your feet and the hype the boots add to your walk. This is the weather that makes me love nature all the more. Now that spring has arrived in India. I am slightly warm feeling better but I would terribly miss my winter.

And you cannot even imagine how ruthless summers are and can be. Every summer brings the degrees a few notches higher than its last. It’s like one has to think a hundred times before stepping out in the scorching sun. People faint and yes people have died too. It’s horrific in summers. And it lasts for a good 7 and a half month. Yeah!

Don’t feel hungry don’t feel to go out don’t feel to wear clothes don’t feel to wear shoes. Even the Air conditioners give up. And yes we have power cuts too which are always uninformed and we don’t know the duration and we’ve to just keep at it bearing all. The only thing that comes to rescue is an icy cold drink or a cold salad. And to wear it would be a pair of jute chappals a shortsy short and a ganjis. But how long can i get away with it? i have to go out for work or for meeting or for something where shorts and ganji’s would be considered rude. Indoors is the only place to be.

Whats your best way to kick summer blues. Here’s mine. Hope you’d like the pictures.

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