Saying bye to winter!

“Even though February was the shortest month of the year, sometimes it seemed like the longest.”  ― Lorraine Snelling

So here comes the month of February. It’s the shortest oddest and the laziest of all the months, I feel. It’s cold in the nights and balmy at noon more like an early summer. This makes it all the more difficult to decide what to wear and how. Should I remove the jacket I’ve been wearing as its making me feel warmer than usual or not. Oh yes I think I Should. Oh no wait I’m feeling cold I should put it back on.

It gets to me at times I can’t seem to decide if it’s still winter or spring. And thus it makes it a little difficult for me to decide on everything. The skin starts to change. The appetite behaves weirdly in turn making me restless for the last couple of days of this excruciating weather.

Howsoever, I am super ready to welcome my favorite season after winter and that’s Spring of course. I get to see myself more than I’ve seen through last 4 months. I get to wear my Tees and shorts and flip flops. I can easily walk around the park even if it’s late in the evening as it’ll take a little longer to get dark. The ice cream vendors are back in full throttle. And let’s not forget the favorite summer drink Sugarcane Juice that I absolutely love or I think I do.

I am ready to take out all my dresses and shorts and skirts and tees and oh I feel colorful already. It’s the season of color of celebration and of happiness. It’s the season we all love. It’s the season of ruffles and stripes. What’s your favorite part of the season you love?

Sharing a few of my favorite looks and things of this season. Hope you’ll like them too.   8a7782ab59c7540af55845c51e08f49fdress2dress3dress44-floral-leggings-with-chambray-top36-1429803158-18-3leggings-with-crop-top

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