Enough Clothes Never!

I have enough clothes said no girl ever!

Having said that I do sometimes feel I have too many clothes. Sometimes I buy them on an impulse and don’t even wear them for years. They stay in my wardrobe for a year or two before I lay my hands on them.

I am not the kinds to follow trends. I like to rather observe from far. My style of wearing clothes or my hair hasn’t changed much over the past. I value my comfort more than any trend. I do hear a lot of snarky comments though from people I even consider to be my good friends. Making fun of my hair or my old fashioned jeans or even the polo shirts that I have been wearing since my teens. They tell me I should dress up in a more feminine way as that would look better. Or I should remove my glasses before heading to the mall for a coffee as they take away the better of my face. I couldn’t care less and continue to do as I like.

To me I should feel good about me and not people who are looking at me. I do dress up and put my makeup when I am in the mood however on that day nobody cares to notice. I have spent most of these winters in my blue jacket and grey PJs as I am mostly at home. I have a pair of jeans which is my go to jeans and I could even sleep in them if need be.

I cleaned up my closet last summer and I had two bags full of clothes I hadn’t worn in years and most f them weren’t worn more than twice. I gave them away and felt so light after it. My wardrobe looks much lighter and cleaner after then. These are my wardrobe essentials:

  1. Blue jeans
  2. White shirt
  3. Colorful tees
  4. Black fitted trousers and suit
  5. Long flowy skirt
  6. A short skirt
  7. Floral dress
  8. Ganjee
  9. Shorts
  10. Flip flops, black ballerinas, running/walking shoes, Kohlapuris
  11. Oversized Jacket
  12. Beanie
  13. Socks
  14. Bags ( Sling & Tote)





What are yours? Do comment and follow me if you like the blog. I would love to hear from you.


9 thoughts on “Enough Clothes Never!

  1. SunDust says:

    Oh yes! I never have too many clothes. My essentials are tights, trousers and long shirts. I am not much of teen follower either. It’s great you know. We should remain unique! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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