Love for Dresses!

 “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” — Yves Saint Laurent

One fine summer I woke up and decided to wear dresses and only dresses the entire season. You can think of it like a New Year resolution. Obviously I failed at it and like any other New Year resolution this too went quietly into the back of my cupboard. But I haven’t given up yet. Cometh summer and my love for dresses would ignite again. Amen!

So here goes the list of my favorite kinds of dresses. No I haven’t tried them all yet. They also include some of the looks that I’ve loved over the years on various people not including me of course.

  1. Skater

All hail the person who brought this trend back. I vouch for these for anyone who wants to start wearing more of dresses this summer. They make you look super cute, girly and slim. I personally like the ones that are knee length as they are comfortable as well as look super cute.

  1. Maxi

Though they have been here for a while I have been too lazy and maybe even shy to wear them out fully. I personally love the floral ones for a day out to the mall or just a brunch. Best part is you don’t have to worry about the hair on your legs anymore!

  1. Shirt Dress or T-Shirt Dress

Although they are based on how a really long but well fitted shirt or t-shirt would look but they look extremely well if coordinated with loafers or mules. Hands Down these are one of my favorites. Sporty, Comfy and Chic!

  1. Body-Con

Go for it if you love to show off those curves. These dresses not only make one look nice and smug since they hug you like a dream, they even raise up our confidence quotient. They were also known as bandage dresses. I would however never have a heart to wear them in public. Too shy for it. Kim K is totally responsible for bringing these back.

  1. Peplum and Blouse-on

The word peplum is derived from Greek word peplos which goes for tunic. It looks like an elongated hem which starts resembling a skirt. Again this adds a lot of value to your curves ladies and it’s a must try. Likewise with the blouse-on dresses. Although I find blouse-on’s much more comfortable as they hide the midriff well and there’s not need to keep tucking it in every second.

Here I am attaching a few pictures of my choice. Hope you like them. Do like comment and share if you like this blog.


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