“When accessorizing always take off the LAST thing that you put on!”- Coco Chanel

The right kind of accessory can add sparkle to even a dull day or a dull dress. Whenever I feel low I put on my shiniest earrings and I start feeling good about myself all over again. It’s not about the color or the size or the price at all. It’s about how they make me feel when I don’t feel too good about myself. It makes me look at myself in the mirror each time I cross one. I am almost crazily in love with my earrings. Having said that what that one accessory is you think works best to brighten your dull day.

It could be a scarf or a glorious neck piece. It could be those bright red pumps. It could be the bag that you want to carry. A sexy watch or that gorgeous evening dress. It’s all about going with what you feel works best for you. However some points that one must keep in mind.

  1. Do not overdo it.

By that I mean only the earrings alone can work wonders. Don’t try to overdo by wearing that over sized necklace or the ring with those pretty ones.

  1. A bulky scarf or a over sized Coat.

Either of it works. But let’s not forget if both are together none of it will get the attention they truly deserved in the first place. And yes a bright scarf works wonder for the greys and the browns we often love in winters.

  1. Head over Heels.

Believe me when I say this a right pair of shoes can turn away your blues. A pair of red pumps with an all black outfit are to die for. Don’t forget the magic those boots can add to your trench coat.

  1. A handbag.

It could be any shape or size a clutch or a satchel or a nice tote to carry all you want. A wristlet would work wonders for your LBD or those tights.

  1. Either Bright clothes or bright Accessories.

If you wear accessories with lots of threads or beads, tone down the overall effect with neutral-colored clothing.

Here I am attaching a few pictures of my choice. Hope you like them. Do like comment and share if you like this blog.


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